Monday, June 18, 2007

Great family vacation packages at affordable prices

When i was still a single working girl, traveling is such a breeze. I dont have much to think about except for the destination. Or maybe should i go with a group of friends, a companion or alone. I didnt have to take leave from my company as i am my own boss. Whenever my projects are completed and handed over to my clients, I can just pack my bags and go off anytime i want. No need to think of anything else. See how care-free those days were.

Most of the time, my bookings are done by my secretary. I just need to furnish her with the dates that i want to be away and she will take care of all the nitty gritty stuff for me. She will call up the travel agent's office and request for the sales manager to send over some brochures on their current promotional packages. They will be neatly lined up onmy desk for me to go through before telling her where i'd like to go. She will even arrange for the cab to send me to the airport straight from my home. Isnt she efficient. How i miss her.

I'm now settled down with two young children in my care. One turning 1 next month, the other turning 4 in August. My birthday is also in August and hubby's fall in September. So, you can see that every year, we usually go on a vacation to celebrate all our birthdays at once, and this year will be no exception. Traveling with children is very different.Many things have to be planned ahead and in detail. My elder kid is now schooling, and i hate to pull him out of school just because i want to go on a vacation.

Bookings and vacation destination can be arranged online nowadays with websites like With children, we tend to stay for a longer duration, so cheap hotels are a must for us. That can be taken care of at the website too. You can always get a good deal if you take the time to run some searches there. That's important as more savings means you can have more money to spend on your trip for food and even souvenir items.

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