Monday, March 10, 2008

Help for your lil brother

I hate going through my email spambox filtering out the "real" email that ended up there. All i see there are ads trying to hard sell stuffs like medications for sexual impotence, erectile dysfunction, fake Rolex, fake LVs, fake this fake that. I'm also glad that i'm a woman and really have no need for these stuffs like the lil blue pills, lol. But i really pity the guys who are afflicted with this health problem and yet have to see these ads day in day out. I must suck big time, eh. So, what do you do when you see these emails? Delete them straightaway or let them sit inside the spambox?

My uncle was over for dinner the other day and asked me about
Kamagra. He says his colleague is taking it for his problem and claims that it works. He's never heard of it before and ask me for more information on it. I told him he can always log online to find out more. He says he wants to try it out and will buy some if his doctor says it's okay. In a way, it's sensible of him to consult his doctor first but i think he will most likely prescribe him with something else instead, lol. Well, i'll leave it up to him to decide what to take for his health problem.

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