Sunday, September 02, 2007

Colloidal silver as a good natural antibiotic

I've not been well since this morning. I think it must have been due to me getting caught in the rain last night when i went to the phone shop to have my phone examined. I was vain and didnt want to take my umbrella with me to the phone shop. I made a big, no HUGE mistake as it poured when i had to leave. I actually waited at the mall for more than half an hour, but the shops are closing and i'll be very much alone at the corridor.

No choice left for me. I ran all the way to the car in the heavy rain. And i forgot to turn the air-conditioner off when i got down the car earlier. It was fullblast when i started the engine and i felt a chill right away. I sneezed all the way while driving home. I knew i'll be sick the following day, so i quickly drank some colloidal silver that hubby bought earlier. He told me that colloidal silver is a natural antibiotic that has been used by the Ancient Greeks and also the Chinese for thousands of years. They've been using colloidal silver for almost all kinds of ailments and diseases. he told me i'll feel better sooner than if iwere to take medication. I hope he's right. I'm really feeling sick right now. Geee... i'd better go take some more.

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