Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Bena Expectorant

My cough is irritating me a lot and i took a gulp of Bena Expectorant. Gordon had 5ml earlier. I wanted to give some to Malcolm but the fler ran off as soon as he saw the cup. What to do. I whacked his also and am now starting to feel a lil bit stone-stone-deii.

I thought i'm immune to all these but i was so wrong. This thing is potent worrrr. Damn, looks like my brains' rendered useless for the rest of the night after the Bena Expectorant.

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devi said...

hi samm

hope the bena expectorant got rid of your cough and you are feeling better. Just got better from a cough myself...took benadryl...made me really sleepy and lazy! Blame it on the weather...seems like everyone is down with cough or flu.

Get well soon. :)