Tuesday, April 29, 2008

More cleaning to do

I kept all the boxes that came with my new air-cond today. I told the technicians to leave them behind as i want to give my bedroom a spring-cleaning. There's just so much to throw away. Most of them big items too. The top of the wardrobe is filled with unused stuffs and if i dont throw some away, i'm afraid that one day, the top will just collapse and i might need to buy a new wardrobe back. All those items are there as i want to make sure my kids cant get hold of them.

And since they've been there for such a long time, it just mean i have no use for them and it's time i discard them. Moreover, i dont even know what i have up there. Toys, breastfeeding items, Vcd and DVD cases. My gawd.... what else. Reminds me so much of the days i packed up my things before moving back here. But it was much different then. I had the help of some professional movers.

Ahhh, my neighbour was just telling me the other day he hired this Boston Movers to help him get his stuffs back here. Me, no suck luck. I just told my MIL to call the cleaning agency up tomorrow and get them over to give the kitchen a major scrub dwon. It's very dirty and i dont want to do it myself. Hired help is best. or 80 bucks, i get a kitchen at the end of the day.

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