Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Looking for art storage solution

It's no fun nursing a cold. And yet, still gotta take care of my kids. Hubby is also down and not of much help either. He needs a rest too as he's been a great helpt o me of late and i appreciate that. It's not everyday that you see a man that can help the wife with the kids and even takes care of their food too. He's into cooking these days and getting better and better at cooking fried rice, my kids' favorite. In fact, he's even better at it that i am now. Am i supposed to be jealous or what, lol.

He says he's a scout during his school years and cooking is not a problem with him. I didnt take my kid to the doctor's as i dont really like the idea of medicating them. They cold will go away on its own anyway. Just a matter of time. I hope i feel well enough to go look for Art Storage for my uncle tomorrow. I've procrastinated on this for a long time and he needs the information soon. Oh well, i'll get it done for him hopefully by tomorrow. Just now now. The headache is killing me.

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