Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Mother's Day gifts

I'd like to let you know that Mother's Day is just round the corner. Have you given a thought as to what to buy for your mom? If you havent got a clue, do consider healthy gift baskets. Trust me, she'll love it. I make it a point to buy my mom a large gift basket that's full of healthy food and snacks every now and then. It really does make a thoughtful Mother's Day gift. If you havent ordered your, then check out the link here. Remember.. it's the woman who brought you here to this world. Without her, nothing happens.

2 Responses:

Liz said...

Hi Samm,
Just started reading your blog after the writeup in the newspapers. I really enjoy your easy going writing style. Good work Samm.
Am a mom too, should be a grandma but my sons still taking their time to get married so nothing on the horizon. Hehe! wished everyday was mother's day and not confined to just one day in May.

Samm said...

liz - Haih, to me, everyday is mother's day. Being a mom myself makes me appreciate mine more now. Thanks for dropping by.