Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Is your house like a mini casino during Chinese New Year?

When i was a kid, I used to look for forward to Chinese New Year. Why? To be honest, that was the only time decks and decks of playing cards can be seen around the house. And what does that mean? Woohoo.... we get to play games like blackjack, fishing, and baccarat. Our house is temporarily turned into a mini casino. Gambling, of course is not allowed. But.... we do bet with peanuts!!! LOL!!!!

On a good day, my late father will sit at the table with us and let us bet with our very very precious 10 cents coins. Hey, 10 cents is a lot of money to us kids back in the 70s, you know. Those were the days where we can buy a packet of wantan meen for 50 cents!!! Our favorite? Blackjack of cos. The game is also called one-knot, or 21 points to us kids. 

Fast forward a decade, to the 80s. Financially wise, it got better for us then. My parents would take us on a trip to Genting Highland, where the one and only casino in Malaysia is. It is still there till now, hahaha. Of course, being teenagers, we wont get to enter the casino premises, and the days are spent playing at the Genting Theme Park, whilst my dad has a few rounds at his favorite tables. Those days, the only betting tips he had were from his close friends. No internet service offering betting guide sites that one can read up on and learn more before embarking on trip to the casino back in the 70s.

He doesnt take much into the casino. Only about Rm100 to Rm500 max for betting. Let's just say, he is a responsible gambler. If he wins, we get to have dinner at the hotel restaurant, and lots of trips at the cable cars. It is a big thing then to be able to dine at a hotel restaurant, ok. If he loses, we will eat at the roadside stalls that line the roads up the hill to the casino, lol. We do have one that we eat at with reasonable prices.

Fast forward again a decade, that would make it the 90s. That's when internet penetrated Malaysia. The time when having an email address printed on your call card means you mean business, lol. What kind of business is not important. Just have one, and you will be seen as cool, in, sort of thing. Also the time when a lot of my friends do not feel the need to go all the way up to Genting Highland to have a go at their favorite tables. Welcome to the world of online gambling. How convenient eh.

There are always pros and cons as far as online gambling is concerned. With all the conveniences and various types of games that online casinos has to offer, one has to be very very financially disciplined. Well, i do not wish to elaborate on that aspect, but you can always read up more about online casino tips over at the link provided here. Always put your family first. Gambling can be recreational and thrilling, at the same time destructive. Marriages and families have been torn apart by bad money management and gambling addiction. Therefore, weigh the risks and seek help should you feel yourself getting sucked it.

Monday, February 09, 2015

10 days to Chinese New Year 2015.... so what

Since the start of February, my facebook timeline has been filled with statuses relating to Chinese New year, which is like, lemme count..... 10 days away. From cookies sales to indoor decoration to buying new clothes for the family to getting ingredients ready for reunion dinner to booking dinners at restaurants and such. For me, it's a totally different story. All my family of 4 wants is just to spend a really quiet Chinese New year, away from all the hoohah humdrum norm. We have just gone through a very difficult time for the past six months. Visiting family members during Chinese is the last thing we want to do, really.

Reunion dinner will be the most difficult thing for me this coming Chinese New Year. I still havent gotten over what happened last August. Neither does hubs. Nor do i want to face any of the Wong clan. Each and everyone of them make me puke my guts out. Therefore, why bother going over for the sake of traditions, right? The only important thing about reunion dinner at least for me, is to set an example for my two little boys. So, grit my teeth i must, show face, and that's it. Dont think i can bring myself to stomach any of the food there.

As for my own family, i'm also a upset with them. With their indifference over what happened to me. Siblings.... hahahahaa. Not even a phonecall to offer any form of immediate assistance nor words of comfort when it is needed most. Do not expect anything from me henceforth. It's true when people say one will see their true colors when a crisis happens. So, bother la .... we will be selfishly happy for once. They all can go fly kite... !!!

Saturday, June 14, 2014

School hols almost over

Oh my, i believe this has to be the longest break in a while. A freaking 19 days, man. I am so so so so so glad that tomorrow is gonna be the last day of endless nights and days for both kids and i. Hope fully i can resume a somewhat normal schedule. Gawd, how i need my sleep.

Anyway, i got a good read about Ong Kean Swan. This man is good, with proven skills to back his wealth. Screw the skeptics and may they drown in their own skepticism forever. I have always been taught to ask the right person if you want the truth. Unfortunately, many choose to ignore that and instead follow the ignorant herd mentality. Too bad.

Oh, well, i still have a lot to do. Wash schoolbags, school shoes, and check homework.... omggggg. Gotta go get uniforms and socks ready too!!! Bleehhkkkk.......

Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Dunno why, but i've just been hit by a sudden wave of paranoia. I may be in bed with the lights out, but faint noises coming from outside my bedroom made me go out and check the house from hall down to the kitchen. Am back in bed again under the blanket. I even heard my mil walking out of her bedroom, turning the bathroom light on and peeing into the toilet bowl. Ok. Had better catch my few precious hours of sleep.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

At the post office...

Am at the post office near my house. Number shows 1322, and my ticket number's 1344. 22 to go with two person at work. But there are many who have abandoned their ticket due to the long waiting period. Given a choice, i wouldnt have come here. Well, i'm not in a rush. No need to jam all the way to the Main Post Office near the Railway Station. Pray those ladies work faster. I wanna go home to my blogs and yarn.

Friday, January 06, 2012

L'Escargot episode 3

Hmmmm.... are you going to watch L'Escargot ep 3 online tonight? I'm going to bed very soon. Most likely wondering about what's gonna happen in L'Escargot ep 3. How i wish i can just watch it in my dreams so as to save some time for other important things tomorrow, lol. Oh yawwnnnzzzz.... cant even open my eyes now. You guys go watch L'escargot episode 3 and leave a comment about the day's gossip, ya.

Wish and Switch Ep 3

Am still waiting for Wish and Switch ep 3 to finish downloading. Abuthen, i wont have time to watch Wish and Switch ep 3 tonight. The line is very slow, and i guess it might be 3am when the while file is in my pc, lol. moreover, i want to finish crocheting another handphone pouch for my online store. Then, head straight to bed so that i can better focus in my work the next day. well, if you have the energy to watch Wish and Switch ep 3 now, be my guest. You know where to go, ya.

Thursday, January 05, 2012

L'Escargot episode 2

Watching L'Escargot Ep 2 online now. I still wanna know if Ka-On and Long Kiu will find their dream apartment or not. Gosh, pity those people living in HK. Cant even afford a small apartment half the size of my house. And here i am, oblivious to my own luxury, sigh.

Oh, dont wait. L'Escargot Ep 2 is up and running. So, go download L'Escargot 2 or watch L'Escargot 2 online if you're lazy like me :p

Wish and Switch Ep 2

I'm watching Wish and Switch Ep 2 online now. It's so hilarious. Heung went back to the salon to pay them and also to hand all the towels and rollers back. Well, in last episode, she ran out of the shop to chase after her bff. a rich tai-tai now, as she wanted her help regarding her hubby's job.

Anyway, she managed to get back together with her bff again. To know the rest of today's episode, you go watch Wish and Switch Episode 2 yourself, ya. I wanna continue watching mine now :p

Tuesday, January 03, 2012

L'Escargot episode 1

Aitelyu, old folks should never be allowed to cook at night. last night, my mil went to double-boil something for herself. She fell asleep whilst waiting for it. Lucky for us i went into the kitchen around midnight and noticed the lit stove before retiring for the night. Was woken up around 3.30am due to the smell of smoke coming in thru the bedroom windows as it's just right next to the kitchen. I checked the whole room for short-circuit and went back to bed, only to sit up remembering the stove. Rushed to turn it off immediately. You say kancheong or not. Guess i'll stay up longer each night and watch L'Escargot online just in case she wants to do some midnight cooking. Scary, eh. We could have bade the world a good bye just lidat.

Dumb topics of conversation

Words cannot describe how much i hate it when the topic of conversation involves:
1) something that doesnt generate income for me
2) something that i'm not interested in
3) something that i cant afford to own
Worse, i still have to pretend to listen. Murderous, when expected to contribute to the topic. Period!

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Effective Excessive Sweating Treatments

I used to suffer from excessive sweating in silence. To me, it’s one of the most embarrassing health conditions of all. You see, i could only wear black or white shirts every single day as i was afraid my sweat would show up if i wear other colors. I’ve had excessive sweating for a long time, it's awful.

Well, thank god i to tried out some of the methods mentioned in Stop Sweat Today. I tried using sage and to my surprise, it worked like a charm for me. If you are also suffering from excessive sweating, you owe it to yourself to live a better quality life. Thanks to Stop Sweat Today, i'm a lot happier and i can also wear every single color that i can ever dream of.

To find out which is the best method for you to stop sweating forever, check out these effective excessive sweating methods. It's worth the small amount paid than live with wet underarms for the rest of your life. been there, done that. Period. I'm happy :)

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Steamed Banana Choc Chip Butter Cake

I'm very much into making cakes these days. Baked, steamed, cupcakes, any kinda cake. And last night, i made this steamed banana choc chip butter cake in time for supper, lol. Really mad, eh. My friends complaint how i can go eat something like this for supper and still stay skinny as hell. Ahhhh.... it's in my genes, my friends. Dun jeles larrrr, ok :p

Kite string

Bought kite string for my boys' frameless kite yesterday. Abuthen, it's just started to rain, wtf. Hope it stops by evening. But even if it stops, the playground might be too wet for good outdoor fun. The boys keep asking me if they can still go kite-flying or not later. Heiyerrrr..... anti-climax tousei.