Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Is your house like a mini casino during Chinese New Year?

When i was a kid, I used to look for forward to Chinese New Year. Why? To be honest, that was the only time decks and decks of playing cards can be seen around the house. And what does that mean? Woohoo.... we get to play games like blackjack, fishing, and baccarat. Our house is temporarily turned into a mini casino. Gambling, of course is not allowed. But.... we do bet with peanuts!!! LOL!!!!

On a good day, my late father will sit at the table with us and let us bet with our very very precious 10 cents coins. Hey, 10 cents is a lot of money to us kids back in the 70s, you know. Those were the days where we can buy a packet of wantan meen for 50 cents!!! Our favorite? Blackjack of cos. The game is also called one-knot, or 21 points to us kids. 

Fast forward a decade, to the 80s. Financially wise, it got better for us then. My parents would take us on a trip to Genting Highland, where the one and only casino in Malaysia is. It is still there till now, hahaha. Of course, being teenagers, we wont get to enter the casino premises, and the days are spent playing at the Genting Theme Park, whilst my dad has a few rounds at his favorite tables. Those days, the only betting tips he had were from his close friends. No internet service offering betting guide sites that one can read up on and learn more before embarking on trip to the casino back in the 70s.

He doesnt take much into the casino. Only about Rm100 to Rm500 max for betting. Let's just say, he is a responsible gambler. If he wins, we get to have dinner at the hotel restaurant, and lots of trips at the cable cars. It is a big thing then to be able to dine at a hotel restaurant, ok. If he loses, we will eat at the roadside stalls that line the roads up the hill to the casino, lol. We do have one that we eat at with reasonable prices.

Fast forward again a decade, that would make it the 90s. That's when internet penetrated Malaysia. The time when having an email address printed on your call card means you mean business, lol. What kind of business is not important. Just have one, and you will be seen as cool, in, sort of thing. Also the time when a lot of my friends do not feel the need to go all the way up to Genting Highland to have a go at their favorite tables. Welcome to the world of online gambling. How convenient eh.

There are always pros and cons as far as online gambling is concerned. With all the conveniences and various types of games that online casinos has to offer, one has to be very very financially disciplined. Well, i do not wish to elaborate on that aspect, but you can always read up more about online casino tips over at the link provided here. Always put your family first. Gambling can be recreational and thrilling, at the same time destructive. Marriages and families have been torn apart by bad money management and gambling addiction. Therefore, weigh the risks and seek help should you feel yourself getting sucked it.

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