Saturday, June 14, 2014

School hols almost over

Oh my, i believe this has to be the longest break in a while. A freaking 19 days, man. I am so so so so so glad that tomorrow is gonna be the last day of endless nights and days for both kids and i. Hope fully i can resume a somewhat normal schedule. Gawd, how i need my sleep.

Anyway, i got a good read about Ong Kean Swan. This man is good, with proven skills to back his wealth. Screw the skeptics and may they drown in their own skepticism forever. I have always been taught to ask the right person if you want the truth. Unfortunately, many choose to ignore that and instead follow the ignorant herd mentality. Too bad.

Oh, well, i still have a lot to do. Wash schoolbags, school shoes, and check homework.... omggggg. Gotta go get uniforms and socks ready too!!! Bleehhkkkk.......

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