Tuesday, January 03, 2012

L'Escargot episode 1

Aitelyu, old folks should never be allowed to cook at night. last night, my mil went to double-boil something for herself. She fell asleep whilst waiting for it. Lucky for us i went into the kitchen around midnight and noticed the lit stove before retiring for the night. Was woken up around 3.30am due to the smell of smoke coming in thru the bedroom windows as it's just right next to the kitchen. I checked the whole room for short-circuit and went back to bed, only to sit up remembering the stove. Rushed to turn it off immediately. You say kancheong or not. Guess i'll stay up longer each night and watch L'Escargot online just in case she wants to do some midnight cooking. Scary, eh. We could have bade the world a good bye just lidat.

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