Saturday, March 08, 2008

Been to Boston?

I think i'll have to go to the mall again tomorrow. Melvin just sent me an sms telling me he's moving back to Boston soon and wont be back for a long time. He just sold off his house and car. He's going to hold a farewell party at a nearby hotel and invited both hubby and i over this Sunday. I want to go find him a gift so that he can remember our friendship. Both his parents have gone to live in Boston many years ago but for reasons known only to him, he chose to stay here for a few more years.

He told us his parents got to know that he'll be staying with them and bought a bigger house. In fact, they are now in the midst of moving to their new place and cant wait for him to join them there. They hired a Boston Moving Company to help them move all their furniture over to the new house. How nice. Boston is a nice place to stay and my friend's daughter, Vincy, is studying at a university there. He told us he'll take us round the place if we go over for a holiday one day. Have you been to Boston before? I'm going to miss Melvin.

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