Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Personalized news at Thoof.com

Surfing through the world wide web searching for interesting news or articles to read can a daunting task for many. There are literally millions of news articles out there. Now, how are we to find some that are really worth taking the time to read them. I certainly wouldnt want to

This where thoof.com comes into the picture. It's a personalized news website that delivers tons of interesting articles provided by their community members. The interesting part aboiut thoof is that you can choose to improve on the articles by adding more information to for others who may be interested in reading it. If you dont like the article, you can click on it and it will improve on the news that shows up on your personalized page from the information you provided.

Doesnt this saves you lots of time. Time is not what i have and with this service, i get to read only what interests me. Now, this is what i call innovative personalized news delivered right to me through collaborative filtering. If you are just like me, then i suggest you check out the site and sign up with them. Read only the news you want today.

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