Saturday, August 25, 2007

Great deals at Deal Locker

I hardly ever get the chance to shop much these day. Most of my time is tied up at home as my baby is only 1 year old and i still have a bigger toddler to care for. And you know how shopping can be with two kids in tow. It's no fun at all, believe you me. By the time i park the car, take the strollers out, i'm already half dead, lol.

Another thing about shopping at the malls are they tend to run their great deals and best buys during the weekends. And i'm the busiest during then. Moreover, i hate crowded places and you know how malls can be during the weekends, they are jammed packed with shoppers trying their best to grab at everything that you're eyeing. No point going there as i only come home empty-handed and frustrated. A total waste of time.

I prefer to shop online nowadays. I do get better deals and offers; and NO TRAFFIC JAM; NO CROWDS; NO FRUSTRATIONS. Now, i'd like to share with you a great place to get fantastic deals. It's Deal Locker. My girlfriend told me about it a few months ago. She will let me know whenever she finds coupon codes from my favorite stores. There are in fact, tens and thousands of free online coupons at Deal Locker.

I've shopped at many coupon sites before. And you what what makes this different from them? Have you ever tried buying something with an expired coupon? Frustrating right. I always feel as though i'm being baited over to the site by that coupon in the hope that i buy something else from them. Kinda feel cheated half the time. If i ever come across a coupon site that has lots of expired coupons, i'll never shop there again.

This is never the case at Deal Locker. All their coupon codes are valid and working, no expired deal. If you are using Firefox as your browser, there is a bookmarklet for users to get one click access to coupons for any page as well. Convenient, eh. Do take the time to check out Children's Place coupons and Bath & Body Works coupons. These are my favorite stores and i always get great discounts from these stores. Go on, give it a try. Click on any of the links here. You're gonna to love me for sharing this with you!!!

*This post is sponsored by Deal Locker*

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