Friday, August 03, 2007

I got an offer to Hawaii from Hubby too!!!

Hubby says apart from Australia, we can also consider going to Hawaii. Geee.... see what a perfect man my hubby can be. He gave me choice!!! So, i'd better go online and do some thorough searches for travel Hawaii details and accommodations offers and see what that place has to offer all of us. I have kids too, you know. Cant just go to a place that only has excitements for adults. mY kids wants to ride on a pony. I wonder if i can find a hotel that has just that. Ya, ya, ya... i spoil them.... so what. Holiday mah.....

I dont have to worry much as there are plenty of Hawaiian travel info and i can read up on all those reviews too. I have to make very sure that the hotels i book my stay at has plenty of amenities and program for my kids. If i can find a few, i dont have to be stuck at one single hotel. Hawaii is not that big a place. So, i can like spend a week at one hote, check out, then go stay at a different hotel. Sounds great, right. I bet the real thing's gonna be more fun!!!

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