Friday, August 10, 2007

I'm in pain

I went to bed early as i havent slept the whole day yesterday. Woke up at 5.30 am to continue with my blogging as there are like more a dozen offers than dying an impending death in my inbox. I was just about to write a post on popcorn machine when Malcolm woke up wailing in bed. That's less than 10 minutes after i sat down. Cant have him wake the brother up, so i nursed him whilst i blogged.

He squirmed wanting to get back to bed. I got tired of it and closed the lid of my my notebook. Stood up and dunno what happened, fell and banged onto the side of the bed. The right side of my body now hurts like fark. I can feel that it's swollen. No blue-black patch yet, but i guess wont take long also. I cant lift my right hand up. I'm in a farked up mood right now.

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