Monday, August 20, 2007

Website optimization firm

You see, my friend was pretty pissed when he ran a search on his company's newly launched website and it did not turn up on the top ten result as promised by the SEO firm he hired recently. What made even madder was he saw my website as the first result. I wrote an article about one of his top products before and i believe those are the few keywords that propelled my website to the number 1 spot. He was dumbfounded and called up to asked me who i hired to do my website.

I told him i didnt hire anyone at all. I just wrote a very normal post and have absolutely how i got to the top of the search engine result. Anyway, i told him its time he hire a professional website optimization firm and redesign his website with all the right keywords. A professional website optimization firm like (TBS) that has top ten "Organic" ranking on the major search engines could catapult his business way above the rest of his competitiors. He’d better consult them if he really want his restaurant’s website to turn up on the number 1 spot in the search result.

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