Sunday, September 23, 2007

Come take a look at the Bugaboo!!!

I really love the Quinny Zapp which i bought for Gordon last year. I can vouch that it's one of the most portable strollers around. It's not called the smallest stroller in the world for nothing you know. I really dig it when people stares at my RED hot stroller whenever i push him around the mall in it. Gordon can sit there and play with his PSP for hours on end without much fuss. Although it cannot recline, he can still take short naps in it all hunch up in it, lol.

Too bad we dont have the Bugaboo here. It's another stroller with superb design. I love when strollers goes hi-tech looking. I dont like those frilly frilly stuffs. If you want to buy good quality branded baby products, you can take a look at They offer free shipping for purchases of $99 or more. I saw the Bugaboo there. Believe me when you push your baby around in it, it will make people's heads turn. Dont believe me??? Weii.... i'm a pro as far as strollers are concerned, k.

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