Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Watching Hawaii 5 O

You know what i did just now. There was nothing much to do and i watched a few episodes of Hawaii 5 O which i downloaded sometime back. I have the whole series inside my hard disk. Dont have to worry about me getting bored. I have a 320Gb hard disk now, partitioned into two 160Gb sectors. With a hard disk that size, you can just go imagine how many movies i have stored in there.

I used to watch this drama series with my sis and brother when i was kid. I was so young then. All i know was i wont get to sit on the couch whenever the show comes on. After the first few episodes, i really felt like going there for a vacation. How come the beach near those Oahu vacation rentals seems to be much nicer? I have so much time on hand right now. I might as well spend my time reading about those nice places at Hawaii travel blog after i finish with this episode.

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