Friday, November 02, 2007

Earn pocket money selling wholesale discount sunglasses

So fast, it's already November. To parents, it's the beginning of weeks of non-stop frustrations. For the kids, it's weeks of nothing but play play play. I guess it's time i start planning some events to keep Gordon busy, if not, i might go mad with him around me all day long. My nieces and nephews are also back for their semester break. One of my nephews was telling me he wants to buy a new laptop but do not have enough money and asked me to sponsor him.

I told him to go earn his own pocket money like what i did when i was his age. He can sell Discount Sunglasses as they make great gifts. I told him he can buy Wholesale Discount Sunglasses in bulk and sell them for a handsome profit. I dont mind buying a few Sunglasses from him when his stock arrives to kick start his project for him.

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