Monday, November 12, 2007

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My girlfriend was over yesterday with her kid. My kid was very happy as he got someone to play with for a change. Hubby was out and Malcolm was taking his nap, so we couldnt go out in the afternoon. I have to wait till Malcolm wakes up before we can go out. As we were chatting away at the living hall, my friend's kid played with hubby's Sunglasses that was left lying around the house. She brought one of them accidentally and ran crying to her mommy. She was so afraid that i might scold and my friend felt bad too that her daughter broke something on her very first visit here.

I told her not to worry as those are Wholesale Sunglasses which we bought from a friend. They are very fashionable pieces and we buy a lot form him each time. I even gave her a pair too. My friend makes a lot of money selling wholesale sunglasses. If you want to sell them, you can click on the links provided here for more information.

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