Saturday, December 01, 2007

Have you seen the Samsung 50 inch CD Tv?

I went to check out the Samsung 22" LCD monitor yesterday. It's really wide and will take up a lot of space on my desk. Dont tell me to change my desk as i dont have the place for a bigger one in my room. You see, i still need to have the 17" besides the 22" LCD monitor. I dont know where to put my speakers after that unless i change them to those ultra tiny ones. Any recommendations on what speakers to get?

Then we went down to check out those samsung 50 inch LCD Tvs at the electrical shops. Hubby says i can blog with it if i hook the cpu up to it, and use a wireless keyboard and mouse. Ya, what he doesnt know is that i'll have to blog from the living hall if i were to use a 50 inch LCD Tv. But if you are thinking of replacing your Tv set, you may want to consider getting something of this size as those movies are really stunning on such a huge screen, believe you me.

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