Sunday, December 02, 2007

Order labels online at Frontier Labels

It's almost 2pm and i just woke up. I cant really remember what time i hit the sack just now. Most likely 7am. I'm going to bed at really odd hours, arent i? I was actually woken up by my neighbor who needs some help with her product labeling. When her shipment of products arrived from China, she found that the labels on them are in Chinese even though she specified a different language. She is now trying to come up with a solution to this as it is quite a large shipment and Christmas is just round the corner.

She's approached a few printers to get her labels printer printed in time but most of them wont be able to get it done for her in time. She got to know that my cousin once ordered a batch of labels online and wanted to know if they deliver quick enough or not. I told her he ordered them at a site called Frontier
Labels. She can check with them and see how they can help with her label printing. I think she can get them in time as my cousin got his very quickly. She can then paste them over the existing label and sell those products off quickly.

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