Thursday, December 14, 2006

Amnio test

My best friend, who is now into her 16th week of pregnancy will be undergoing amnio test next week. She called from the Dr's clinic just now to let me know her blood test result. It's not very favorable. She is very very worried. There will be another 2 weeks of waiting after the test for the result to come back. During that time, i think most likely she'll go mad with anxiety.

But then, life's like that. We hope to get pregnant so desperately. We carry the baby for 9 months in our body. And during those months, some will be happy ones, some will not be. And there are also moments where we feel totally helpless. And this one of them for my friend. All she do now is wait. Wait for another two whole long weeks.

I'm lucky as both my pregnancies are problem-free. I eat, sleep, play, work as usual. My boys turned out fine. I pray for the best outcome for her amnio test. I pray that her baby's gonna turn out fine. I pray for her safety. She waited so long to get pregnant. God, please help her. Bless both mother and baby.

6 Responses:

may said...

hope your friend's pregnancy goes on well. *crosses fingers*

shoppingmum said...

If you're not older than 34, it's not necessary to go for the test anyway. Hope your friend's baby will be ok.

King's wife said...

2 long weeks of waiting. Hopefully all will turn out well. All the best to your friend n her baby.

domesticgoddess said...

hopefully it's just false alarm... and everything will turn out fine.

Anonymous said...

i hope god will bless the baby and the mother... :) definitely will be no problem one..

Samm said...

may - yup, i hope so too

shoppingmum - she's past that age. so, she'll go

king's wife - yes, zara's mama went thru it. i know how the waiting can be. it can turn out to be the longest days of her life.

domesticgoddess - yes, i din go u'know.... thk god malcolm's fine

sin ling - thx