Monday, December 04, 2006

Hubby and the Toyota Estima

Hubby has always wanted to buy the Toyota Estima. He likes it very much. With kids around and the amount of traveling that he does, it's only logical to get something more comfortable for long distance traveling. Not to mention the amount of boot space to stash all his work stuffs. And of course, my shopping.

Our current Wira cannot accomodate two car seats. Therefore, we can only have one installed. I have to carry #2 all the time. And unless absolutely necessary only will i fit the second carseat into the car; like when i have to drive. Which is seldom also lah, since hubby drive me around all the time. I live a rather pampered life.

Over a beer session with a friend last night, he was told that driving the Estima would be like driving a bus, lol. Damn big and heavy vehicle. But he still intend to buy it, dont ask me why. He says' "Goodlah, #1 starting school next year. So, you can drive him to school everyday." Eh, i never said i wanted that car, k. Not that i need one also. Such a big thing to drive around lah.... cheh. Gimme something small anytime; like a Mini.... oh, that; i like.

2 Responses:

Anonymous said...

have you consider a Toyota Wish?

Samm said...

No, his knnccb ex-partner had one. Got stolen last week in kL. So, he taknak. Actually, he kept asking me if i like the Alphard. Hah??? The Estima already like bus, The Alphard definitely look like Military transporter wannn. I dunno lah, we'll most likely be car/mpv/van/bus/lori hunting till next year. See any drastic changes to the automotive sector or not. Or maybe lower interest rate leh.