Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Quality time with Malcolm

I finally get to spend time alone with Malcolm. Can never do much of that with Gordon around. He'll tend to drag me here and there whenever Malcolm's in my arms. Want cookies, bread, mumm, nenna (milk), Gogo (dvd), poopoo, geddit.. Now that he's gone to school, it's like... FREEDOM, hahaha.

So now, i get to carry Malcolm around all i like. And i just realised that he can sit up unsupported. I didnt see him practising sitting also. It's like i got up one day and Malcolm can sit already, duh... Now, all he wants is to pull himself up and walk all the time. 6.5mths only, want to walk already. This one, aitelyu, gonna be a big handful next time. Gonna run all over the place one; and climb here climb there.... aikkks.

3 Responses:

L B said...

Double the joy, double the fun, double the pain!!

Sasha said...

why ah..u never post pictures of malcom anymore?

Samm said...

lb - see double liao

sasha - later lah, all inside hd now