Thursday, January 11, 2007

This is the kind of people i live with, DNMCH!!!!!

This happened yesterday. Gordon locked me inside the bathroom. No coaxing will get him to open it. He doesnt understand. So, i asked him to stand away whilst i kicked it and screaming for someone to come open the damn door. Of course my boy got scared and he started crying. Guess he must have panicked. Motherfarker, then it started to rain. And it rained farking hard, knn.

The stupid bathroom is at the end of the house. My in-law's room at the front. The kicking's supposed to wake them up and hopefully get them to unlatch the blardy door. But then, you can imagine my angst as the rain kinda muffled everything up. I asked Gordon to go get his grannies to come and help, but sorry lah. Malcolm woke up in the commotion and starting screaming his lungs off. Gordon also crying and screaming in fear everytime i kicked.

Then i heard my in-law's bedroom door open and someone approaching. Knnmcbpukima, walked past the bathroom and went into the kitchen instead of unlatching the bathroom door for me. You say where got such kind of cilaka people wan. I can hear because if someone enters the kitchen, definitely will have to open the safety gate and that thing creaks whenever opened. Blardyhell, take their own blardy sweet time doing what the fuck they were doing at the kitchen, then only came out and unlatch the door. You say i angry or not. Vomit blood or not.

Luckily Malcolm wasnt sleeping on the bed when i went to take my shower. He's screaming in the playpen. If not, more disaster ahead. That fler crawls over everything now. If fall off the bed, sure see blood wann. Definitety qualify for insurance claim wan. Aitelyu, 10 seconds more and i would have kicked the blardy door down. One fine day when i'm in the mood, i'll lock that blardy idiot inside and leave the house, play dunno. Can very well scream till drop dead for all i care, nmfl.

Therefore, i MUST remember to take my handphone into my bathroom/toilet next time.

7 Responses:

yenchiew said...

wah.. kan cheong epi today..
*grabbed fan and starts fanning*
cool down~!! *getting leong cha*

may said...

alamakkkkk... so liuliu lor...

can move the lock higher so Gordon can't reach it ar?

shoppingmum said...

Wah, another family drama's gonna start? :P
You're sick already right? They still do that to you? Act faint and see if they scare or not.

Sasha said...

Why so sickening wan ??????next time purposely lock them inside chek!

L B said...

Kakakakaka!!! Calm down! Calm down.. *offers to get you a fake iPhone*

Peng said...

aiyor! your inlaws 'hai mai yan lei keh'??? really dnmch.

Samm said...

yenchiew - u come back n boil me liong cha better. so, bila balik? get to see ur bayang during cny lah , i thk

may - it's kinda stuck there. may just jam it lah

shoppingmum - haih, dun bother....

sasha - ya loh, so tempted man

lb - ok, dat also i sapu. make comes with airtime ah

peng - lidat lah sometimes, damn9 tulan