Thursday, February 01, 2007

Mouse with no tail

See the difference in size when my new wireless mose is placed beside my regular one. This is not the first time i'm using a mouse this small. The one i used with my old notebook is also the same size. Now, after only two days, my hands are aching like hell; due to the size. Ok, my CTS (Carpal Tunnel Syndrome) is back and getting worse by the day.

I cannot blame the mouse for causing the pain cos i've had CTS since Malcolm's birth. You know, when i nurse him, he lies in the crook of my arm sometimes. So, the weight of his head is creating pressure on my arm, not good for blood circulation. Sometimes, when i sleep on my right, also blocking blood circulation. As time goes by, my condition worsens. Now, i use my left hand to type and mouse-around more than my right. Haihhhh.... watudu. Have to blog mahh...

2 Responses:

L B said...

At least you're not using a Mickey Mouse.... or are you?!!! *rushes off to work*

RL said...


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