Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Moblogging with my N73

I thought i can update this blog through Flickr. But at present, my current flickr account is tied to Myorganiclife and i can select one blog to post to only under that account. I've not been able to update this blog so as often as i want to. I'll set up another flickr account and see if i can tie it to this blog or not. I have so many pictures to share and do not have much time to upload them to my pc for posting. Prefer the convenience of random moblogging.

I'm very adept at punching in messages on the phone's tiny keypad. But this new phone of mine is more for left hand messaging as the "cancel" button is located on the bottom right corner and makes single-right-handed error correction hell. Takes some getting used to. That's it for now till i find time to test out flickr. A professional silai doesnt really have much time to herself during school holidays. So much gai-gai to go...

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