Sunday, April 01, 2007

Garfield shoes

Garfield shoes, originally uploaded by $amm.

These are Gordon's favorite shoes at the moment. Not Mickey, lol. Sometimes, he'll want socks, most of the time, no. Depends on his mood. I've been doing quite a fair bit of running up and down this whole week. Havent even had a day off. Out every single day until want to vomit already. Cant help it lah. Real-life work obligations. If not, no money loh.

Just want to tell you guys i've finally flickr-enabled all my 7 "active" blogs. That'll definitely make updating them via my mobile phone much easier for me, hopefully. Malcolm is getting more and more demanding by the day. So's the kor-kor. Therefore, i can hardly sit at my pc for long hours at a time. If i do also, my back aches. No point lah, i guess.

Have a great Sunday. I sleep loh...

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