Sunday, April 08, 2007

New pastime

Funny .... this blog is a PR3 blog. And now, it's suddenly become a big fat 0. Why lidat ah? On another note. I've been out almost everyday for the past two weeks or so. Have a new hobby called showhouse viewing. Go view every neighbourhood that has a new housing development project going.

Boy, it's damn fun. Going from place to place. We go at noon, we go in the evening, we go at night. We eat at the neighbourhood's kopitiams. We try to get a feeling of how life would be like if we were to live there one day. We check out the access roads. We want to see if we're gonna like it or not having to travel that road day and night every single day.

We've viewed houses that cost Rm300k+ right up to neighbourhoods with houses that carries Rm2 - 3m pricetags..... *drools*. We've even viewed a few condos, lol.... in Ipoh *smacks forehead*. And yet, we've not found one that really appeals. The one that beckons; the feeling one gets like love at first sight.

We've even discussed buying a piece of land to build our own. We've talked about buying a house just to tear it down and rebuild. I've told hubby if the designer in me were to wake up one fine morning, i'll reinstall autocad and lightscape, and get down to designing my own house; design my OWN house for once, not for others. I've had enough of interior design to last me till next life.

Till then.... Now, there are still plenty of new housing developments to explore and look see look see. See what ideas Ipoh developers are coming up with to entice us into parting with our moolahs. All i can summarise is, they still havelots of catching up to do, as far as concept and design is concerned. I'm so darn picky and difficult to please.... damnnnn.

2 Responses:

L B said...

You want HEROES!!

Simple American said...

What L B said!

New house is always exciting.