Sunday, June 24, 2007

Be vary of SMS vacation scam

I just got to know that one of my girlfriends happened to be one of the victims of a vacation club scam. She received an SMS telling her that she won a trip to Hawaii, and was told to deposit a certain amount of money into the bank account of a particular company for ticket processing within a week or lose the opportunity.

She didnt tell her hubby about it and thought she wanted to surprise him with the trip. At the end of the day, she was a few grand poorer and didnt even dare to tell her hubby about her stupidity lest he laughs at her. But then, since the day she received the SMS, she's been hinting to her hubby about the trip. She even took leave from her company in preparation for her hoilday.

Kelly, another girlfriend of mine told het to check with Hawaiian Beach Rentals for availability of rooms. I think she found some Makena homes there, but now prefers to wait till her hubby is free before making a deision as to how long she wish to stay there. How i wish i can go too. But, i dont want to leave my kids behind. And i think Malcolm's far too small to enjoy the long distance travel. Maybe next year. I'll book mine there too.

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Mike said...

Nice work!
Here's a good video with more about these scams.

These jerks prey on nice people, and it makes me so mad. I had a friend just like you, invited on a free vacation. I was able to talk her out of it.

Jeff Berzolla said...


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