Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Locked again

Gordon locked me inside the bathroom again for the second time. I was bathing inside with Malcolm and he got lonely and wanted a bit of mischief. I was lucky as my MIL was sitting right outside at the living hall when i went inside. We were chatting just before i went to take my bath.

I got locked inside once sometime back. That lil fler only knows how to lock the door. I've tried teaching him a few times to unlatch it, but he ignored me, niasinggg. If MIL wasnt outside, i think i would have screamed the house down or kicked the bathroom door down, lol.

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L B said...

That could be pretty annoying if there's no emergency, but could be very bad if there is! I think you should install a different lock, if you need to keep it locked from the outside!