Wednesday, June 27, 2007

My cousin's beach wedding

We got the wedding invitation card this evening. My cousin sister will be getting married soon. My mom told me that she's marrying a Japanese guy who is a business man in Hawaii. So, that means, she'll be moving over to Hawaii soon. How is Hawaiian life like? Hot all year round? I guess so. But the weather here is also hot all year round. So, most likely she wont feel much difference over there.

I told my hubby about the upcoming event and asked him if he wants to attend or not. But i guess he most likely wont as it coincides with his company's function. Coincidentally, they are also organising a trip to Hawaii for next month's promotion. He just asked his secretary to check out some Kailua ocean front condo rental for the trip. I heard him telling about Hawaii Travel plans over the phone just now.

If that's true, then good, lol. I want to go too. Take the kids along and let them run wild on the beach. I'm sure Hawaii would be a great place to destress. Eat, sleep and play all day all night long. No blogs to update, no phones to answer, except fun in the sun. Yes.... I'm so waiting!!!!

2 Responses:

L B said...

Your posts lately damn difficult to comment liao! Where's the pole-dancing pics?

Samm said...

bear with me for a while lor, ppl mood still a bit siao mah. where got mood to pole-dance? wait lah.... *kiss*