Thursday, June 14, 2007

The stupid mozzie bat..... RANT

Oh, yes.... hubby and i argue over almost any issue under the sun. And the most common one involves the stupid mozzie bat. It's mosquito breeding season and the house is filled with those bloodsuckers. Yes, i've done all the necessary preventive measures to ensure my room is mozzie-free as best as i could. The mozzie bat being my most effective combat weapon by far.

You know, the instant always-ready-no-miss- i see-i zap action that i've mastered to perfection. But no matter how perfect i can be, it fails when the fucking bat is no where in sight..... nmfl. Hubby always takes it out of the room when he goes to the toilet and even into the shower. The toilet part, ok... i close one eye, but the bathroom???

He claims they zap him when he takes his shower. As if he's gonna hold it under the running water. Tiu.... next time i snap a pic and see how he does it, knn. Okay, the solution is to get more bats back, right. Of course, i've thought about that. But those Chinadolls arent around just when you need them most. And half the time i forget when i go shopping. Therefore, i still have to resort to 1 ...... bait &

2 ...... piakkkk9 the bloody bloodsucker

Niamah.... cant even play my Sony PSP in peace without resorting to violence and killing.... YERRRRRRR.... make me mang jang oni........... knn

4 Responses:

L B said...

wow, i'm almost more mesmerized by that mozzie than by the sight of your luscious thigh! Must be something wrong! said...

Poor mozzie, died in the midst of orgasm.

shoppingmum said...

Nice thigh, no hair hahahaha

ehon said...

wakakakakakaka. a bloody tragedy... ahmen.