Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Burn Out's Survivor

The story begins:

Michael was summoned by his boss into his office. He told him that he had no choice but to let him go. he told him to leave both his badge and weapon on his desk and leave. That's it. Michael, shocked, and asked him why as he didn’t expect something like this coming from him. But then his boss retorted that he should have known what he has done. He told him flatly to just leave.

Michaels was very puzzled and he was fetermined to find out the root cause of his termination. He's very broke, and in no way can he use his contact resources at all. He didnt give up. He searched for days for the reason and finally found out why. He got to know that The CIA suspected that he had sold the details of CIA secret mission of capturing one of the mafia group to its leader. This resulted in the CIA's failure to capture them red handed when they were conducting the biggest drug dealing of all. They were really pissed at Michael for causing this.

Michael was furious over the fact as why he was not given the opportunity ot tell his side of the story nor explain his facts when he was fired. But he was a survivor, he intends to find out who those names were behind this plot. Who's trying to exclude him and eliminate from the team. As he was broke with no money, how is he to survive in the big city? No choice, he has to go back to his home town, Miami, to start the investigion from there.

Now, that got me thinking as to how i would survive if i were in Michael's shoes. Broke, no one to turn to. Yes, the thing is to go back to a place that's familiar to me. Big cities are hard to survive in as the high cost of living involved. I'll be better off in my own hometown. At least there are people that i know and i dont have to worry much about heavy expenses.

I'll just have to bear with the fact that i'll have to live with my parents again. All i can do is be patient as i rebuild my life. I'm a survivor. I've been through ups and downs before, I understand that when one falls, the best is to lie low, think and reflect what went wrong. Restructure my life and work towards an exit plan. That's how i will deal with the situation.

To continue from where i stopped, check out USA Network's Burn Notice.

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