Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Check out my IRATE MY DAY widget!!!

Take a look on my right side bar and you can see that i have added a widget to it. It's called I Rate My Day. You can see what mood i'm in for any particular day. Another reason i have the widget there is because i'd like to enter a contest for a chance to win the Microsoft Zune media player!!! If you want to win that, then head over to the site and sign up. Hurry!!! Today's the last day for submission!!!!

Here's how to participate?

* have an account on IRateMyDay;
* enter by completing this registration form before July 31th;
* if you have a blog: invite 4 friends and install the IRateMyDay widget on your site


if you don't have a blog: invite 10 friends;
* have evaluated your day at least 30 days throughout the contest.

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