Tuesday, July 31, 2007

No cooking today, YAY!!!!

Wahhh, u found nasi lemak on the kitchen table. MIL bought it for me this morning. There's also three kaya buns. Gordon will be happy. He doensnt anything that has meat in it. No char siew paus for him, lol. I've not had nasi lemak for ages. I's so gonnna whack it all up later.

There's soup on the stove. So, no need to cook poridge for Malcolm. Just mash the potatoes and carrots, add two tablespoons of rice and he'll happily eat it all up. Laundry again today, wtf. And the rain still shows no sign of stopping. Where's the sun, knn.

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Simple American said...

The sun is not over here. Raining a lot too!