Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Online shopping at keepcash.com

I knitted a nice tee for Malcolm for his birthday. Then only i realised that he doesnt have a new pair of pants to go with it. I managed to find one of Gordon's old pants. As he wasnt feeling to well, we havent been out shopping for the past week or so, only went out for food mostly.

Last night, i went out to try and find him a pair of jeans. I went to a few shops but cant seem to see anything that i like. Moreover, most of them are over-priced. Frankly speaking, who would want to pay like Rm99 for a pair of baby jeans that he will outgrow in less than a few months.

Though there were some on discount, there werent many sizes left that fit him nicely. Either too bag or too small. Nothing for a 1 year old. If i cant find him a few good pairs, i'm going to buy them online. I'm not new to online shopping. I've done that many times before. It's just that sometimes i like to do some physical shopping as i like to feel the quality of the fabrics.

I cant do that online unless it's some brands that i've bought from. If i cant find anything at out local stores, i'll just click away to my favorite online store and use those online shopping coupons. Helps save me some money and i get good products with discounted prices. If you've not tried online shopping before, perhaps it's time you give Fashionbug a try :)

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