Sunday, July 29, 2007

Ptui Ptui Ptui

CCB, dunno since when we have to disclose on a per post basis that this is a NON PAIDPOST, nmfl. Some blardy knnccb smartassed reviewers are dictating how our posts should be. And also trying to be clever at rejecting posts that contain links as paid posts and should not precede their kanasai opps.

Earning a decent is no fun when they just wanna make life difficult for both parties. See, if this post contain links then they'll suka suka reject this by saying this a paidposts even when it's just not. That's why i hate it and seldom write for this ccb company that's run a ball-less shit head and a dozen bitches.

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shoppingmum said...

I got a few last time, but know how to play the game liao.