Sunday, July 29, 2007

Pay a visit to long-forgotten Uncle Joe

Can you all believe it that i'm actually tired after so many months of those blog advertising and paidposts frenzy. I may not be making much these days, but who cares lah. I've made a lot. I do a keep a spreadsheet and keep count of how i've written. Once i've hit my target, i'll just slow down and tend to be lazy.

I want to change some of my blog templates. Update some codes and make a whole new blogroll. I used to like keeping my Real Player in the background with a TVB drama series running, but since i started writing paidposts, i've totally forgotten about it. I'm now enjoying watching movies again. Continuing from where i left off.... episode 27 of Dicey Business, lol. Time to go download more!!!!

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may said...

do it, do it! I also wanna visit uncle joe... heheh...