Sunday, July 29, 2007

I can blog at night again!!!!

YAY!!! I can finally blog again at night. I cant really blog much during the day as the kids demands most of my attention. Another thing is, my specs got lost somewhere inside the car boot on the trip back from PD. I cant stand wearing contacts for long hours. So, without my specs, how to see? If i cant see, then how to blog.... hai mai??

After bugging the optical shop to hurry up and kautim it for me, they finally rang me up this afternoon. I was on my way home after dropping off some documents at the real estate agent's office. So, i picked it up and hurried home to yank off my contacts. And boy...... i've not felt so good for days though my eyes sting a bit. Come to think of it, i'd better go dig my Ogawa eye massager out. Niamah.... where the hell is it just when i need it most????

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Simple American said...

An eye massager? How does that work? My eyes are just killing me. Haiz...