Friday, July 27, 2007

An outdoor kitchen i wouldnt say no to

Mention the work outdoor kitchen and chances are i'll start to imagine me cooking in the sveltering heat, sweat rolling down all over me. lol. Who on earth cooks outdoor in Malaysia, you tell me. But then it's also common for many to have two kitchens in the house. A dry kitchen inside the main area, and a place where the "real" cooking is done.

As Asian foods are cooked mainly using a wok, i can also imagine the smell wafting all over the house interior if i'm to do it inside. So, half the time, many people just have a simple stove right outside their kitchen for frying foods. Some will install awnings or aluminium extensions to their backyard to accommodate this or to shade themselves from the sun's rays or heat.

Gimme a break. For one, it makes the house looks damn ugly. Two, i wouldnt be caught dead cooking outside in the heat. Three, i cant dont cook, lol. But IF my outdoor kitchen looks like the pic above, aitelyu.... i'll definitely be cooking everyday. I will not be complaining it's hot as all i'll be wearing is a bikini as i cook, lol. And i'll be sure to take a dip in my pool right after that.

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