Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Starting on my crochet :)

Hubby got back not too long ago and i was still nursing Malcolm in bed and playing with the PSP at the same time. I was so afraid that he might wake that lil fler, lol. But then, all he wanted was my PSP which i gladly handed over to him as my hands were pretty numb from playing sideways.

Once Malcolm's done with nursing, i found hubby already snoring away on the mattress beside the bed which was supposed to be Gordon's. The big boy wanted to sleep with Mama and i let him sleep wherever he wants. So, here i am again, blogging at 4.47am.

With nothing much to write, i think i'll start on my crochet blouse and hopefully get it done in time for my birthday, lol. I bought enough yarn for three personal projects apart from for my kids. This should last me at least a month or two of knitting frenzy. Now, where is my huge bag of yarn.........

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Sasha said...

Nurse and play PSP?

*kneel down and pray to SAmm*