Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Want more money? Then go do something about it!!!

I'm so not going out for tea with my friends anymore. Each time we meet up, i only hear them whine about not making enough to make ends meet. And yet, when i tell them to try venturing into MLM or network marketing during their free time, all of them will shake their heads to the idea and whine further. BORING!!!!!

I know many people dont believe that there's money to be made in the MLM business. But the thing is, most of them just join and think that money will just fall from the sky after that without putting in any effort to make it work. Or that some of them just dont like meeting people, going for sales training, or selling things.

If the above sentence is what's keeping them from venturing into a business that requires them to sell to a person directly, then they should check out multivend. They provide everyone an opportunity to be their own boss by running their own vending machine business. They can then sit back and see profits coming in. The vending machine will do the selling for them. Easy peasy.

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