Monday, July 23, 2007

Where's my drafting table?

The school behind my house now has two additional classes and the school has to undergo some renovation works. I overheard the principal having a chat with one of the contractors from outside my kitchen window the other day. He was telling him how big the room must be and how many children it must seat. He wanted to get the contractor to design some desks too, lol. A CONTRACTOR doing the designing.... gimme a break.

They are not professional in this. Not even carpenters, k. Designing is a specialised field. I think the reason is to save cost for the school, but it's also a really bad move, IMHO. The principal can just buy them in bulk. Those long desks or drafting tables really dont cost that much in bulk. A good place to get them at a good price will be from Talking about drafting tables also reminded me of mine. My old drafting table is still in KL, but i've no idea where it is now. I've no use for it anyway.

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