Monday, July 23, 2007


This, i gathered from my SIL (hubby's brother's wife). Everytime she comes back for a visit, all my MIL does if she has the opportunity is talk behind my back. All bad things, me this, me that, me dont do this, me dont do that.... sigh. But the thing is, she's never spoken to me before about what she likes or dont like about me. And she even allows her daughters to attack me one by one and she sits there and watch. See how sick she can be at times. Too bad, my SIL understands me better and did not stand on her side, lol. I guess MIL must be damn pissed at losing the last precious vote.

Some people really eat full nothing do. Maybe by now, every fucking person she comes across already knows me as the evil DIL. Of cos, i'll move out, just not now. I have plans one, k.... no worries. But my SIL really marvels at how i can stand living with her for so long. Like i said many times before. Living with in-laws is an art i've mastered the moment i came back to live with my hubby. I'm a pro. But then, mind you... i dont hate her. I just feel sorry that she harbors so much resentment towards me. Unless she tell me straight in the face what she doesnt like about me or blah, blah, blah, i really dont give a damn what she does behind my back.

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