Saturday, August 04, 2007

Ben's been to Lanikai!!!

Hubby just got off the phone with a friend. He's been in a bad mood the whole morning cos he cannot find some of those brochures on Danika's beach his friend left with him the other night when he was out dining with them. Though i'm dying to see what those Hawaiian travel information says about Danika beach, it's best i stay away from him for the time being. I think he's asking his friend to bring some new ones over, i dont know.

Anyway, i went online to do some checking on my own and found a 2 bedroom cottage that's also right for a family of 4 like mine. The best part?? IT HAS HIGH-SPEED INTERNET ACCESS!!!! Apart from that, 2 bathrooms. Do you hear me? 2 BATHROOMS!!!! No more waiting for hubby to come out, kakakakaka. It also has a private garden and patio, and also great view of the beach. What more can i ask for. But then, i still cant wait to see those brochures.

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