Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Can i take Colloidal Silver for bird flu?

I have a friend who's planning to go to Bali for a holiday sometime end of this month. In fact, i also suggested to hubby that i want to follow him when he goes there for his business trip next month, just like we did when he took us to Port Dickson last month. Now that i can go online anywhere, it's time i free myself from the confines of my chair and take the kids on holidays as much as possible. He did say he will consider my proposal when i asked him last week.

Then, it came out in the news recently that Bali is having bird flu outbreak. I asked my friend if she still intends to go there or not but she has yet to reply my question. I'm worried for my hubby too as his company has already planned the trip there. Even though i will not take the kids there, i'm still concerned over the bid flu outbreak. I was on Msn with a few friends just now and they did suggest i buy some colloidal silver and take it on a daily basis to boost the immune system.

Though there's no proof that colloidal silver will prevent nor treat bird flu, but if one develops a strong immune system after taking it, that alone may safeguard us against the deadly disease. Afterall, i read that colloidal silver is a natural anti-bacterial agent that's been used for thousands of years to treat and prevent many kinds of disease. No, i wont be going to Bali with hubby. But, i will consider buying him some to try.

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