Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Value Stairlifts

My aunt fell down and fractured her hipbone recently. She was hospitalised for two whole months after her surgery. As she had difficulty walking up the staircase , she had no choice but to sleep in the tiny store room downstairs. Everytime she needs to get some of her stuffs from her bedroom upstairs, she either has to wait till someone returns home and ask them to take it for her or trudge up the staircas and one step by one step. It's very tiring and takes ages. Most of the time, she'd rather wait than go upstairs by herself. Moreover, her doctor strongly advise against it.

She complaint to my MIL the other day about how inconvenient it is and my MIL told me all about it. Why in the world didnt my aunt ask me? Anyway, i called and let my cousin know about stairlifts and suggested that he install one for his mom. I told him that installing a stairlift will restore freedom and independance for his mom who currently find it difficult to move around the home. Value Stairlifts provides a number of stairlift models for my cousin to select from so that my aunt can move around her home with ease and confidence.

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